A Piper can be used in similar ways across a wide variety of events.  These uses fall into a few categories.

1 - Prelude - The pipes are great for gathering music 15-20 minutes prior to an event. 
2 - Processionals - The pipes are used to lead folks from one place to another.
3 - Special Featured Music - A tune used to focus a group's attention for a special moment, often a special request.
4 - Background Music - Pipes can create a unique atmosphere, usually in sets of 20-30 minutes, or on and off for an hour.
5 - Recessionals - The pipes lead folks back at the conclusion.
6 - Postlude - The pipes provide background music as folks mingle and disperse. Hearing the pipes playing into the distance for the postlude has a nice effect.




I am very flexible and can accomodate most requests. In general, there are a few key momments that are good to feature the bagpipes.


- Outdoor prelude music can set the tone as guests arrive.


- The Pipes offer a strong sense of introduction if used for the processional of groomsmen, bridesmaids, parents, and especially the bride. Organ accompaniment is easy to arrange


- Special music during the ceremony can have a powerful impact. Communion, or other symbolic events are often suitable places.


- Using the Bagpipes to escort the newly pronounced couple out of the ceremony gives an exceptional peak to the wedding crescendo.


- Afterward, the Pipes can continue to play as guests mingle and travel to the reception.


- At the reception, the guests can enter to the sound of the Pipes, and the couple can be escorted into the party.





The Bagpipes have long been associated with memorial services. I know all of the standard tunes and am familiar with military, mason, police and fire funeral services. There are some common ways the bagpipes can be integrated and are a variations on the following.


- Outdoor prelude music can set the tone as guests arrive.


- Special music during the service can have a powerful impact.


- The Pipes can play as guests exit or move to the grave.


- The Pipes can play as guest arrive to the graveside.


- Special music at the graveside, such as Amazing Grace, offers a momment of rememberance.


- The Pipes can continue afterward to provide appropriate atmosphere.





Special Events



The Bagpipes are also appropriate in a wide array of other events.


- Family Reunions


- Business Promotions


- Birthdays


- Festivals


- Golf Events


- Benefits


- Parades


- Memorials


- Holidays